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29th Jun
prescription drug abuse

A Life of Prescription Drug Abuse

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn a recent episode of the hit TV series, Grey’s Anatomy, viewers are introduced to a character named Becky. Two years after injuring herself playing soccer, Becky is homeless and battling an addiction to painkillers and prescription medication. Becky is fictional, but her story is very real for thousands of people worldwide. I am one of those people. This is…

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26th Jun
Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhy is it that mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder go hand-in-hand with addiction? At Connections Addiction Treatment Center, we are committed to keeping you informed about your well-being as we discuss the connection between bipolar disorder and addiction. The Characteristics of Bipolar Disorder Bipolar disorder presents in two different forms: Bipolar Disorder Type I, and Bipolar Disorder Type II….

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22nd Jun
drug detox

Why Is Drug Detox an Important Part of Rehab

Reading Time: 3 minutesA drug detox is one of the first steps toward drug addiction recovery. During detoxification, all traces of drugs leave the body, whilst managing the symptoms of withdrawal. Although an important part of the rehabilitation process, detox is not an effective treatment on its own. The end goal of a detox program is physiological healing after long term drug addiction….

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15th Jun
hydrocodone addiction

The Truth Behind Hydrocodone Addiction

Reading Time: 2 minutesHydrocodone is an incredibly powerful painkiller that is prone to abuse and addiction. Hydrocodone addiction symptoms are often shown when people use the narcotic over a long period of time, or in large amounts. Similar to morphine, codeine, and oxycodone; hydrocodone is considered an opioid or semi-synthetic opiate. Although most commonly used as a painkiller, it is also used as…

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8th Jun
alcoholism and anxiety

Alcoholism and Anxiety

Reading Time: 3 minutesDrinking alcohol affects one’s mind and body, in what some people believe to be a positive manner. It relaxes you and seems to ease the stresses of life. These are some of the reasons so many people use to justify their turn to alcohol to rid them of their anxiety. But what often goes unchecked is how interconnected anxiety and…

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1st Jun
rehab for addiction

Life Begins After Rehab For Addiction

Reading Time: 3 minutesDo you or a loved one you know suffer from substance abuse? There is nothing to be ashamed about. If you worry for yourself or for another then you should get rehab for addiction from the substance abuse specialists at the safe and secure Connections Addiction Treatment Center. Addiction recovery is a difficult task, even more so if you have…

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29th May
cocaine addiction

Getting Down With Cocaine Addiction

Reading Time: 2 minutesCocaine, a purified chemical called cocaine hydrochloride, is a schedule II drug that is the second most abused drug in America after marijuana. The highly addictive nature of cocaine comes from how it works on the reward system in the brain, making a person feel euphoric instantly by altering their dopamine levels. As a result, the drug is often used…

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25th May
dual diagnosis

The History of Dual Diagnosis

Reading Time: 2 minutesDual diagnosis is a term used to describe the co-existence of a mental health disorder and substance abuse. A dual diagnosis implies that one or both of the issues may stem from the other, and therefore a treatment plan should be created to tackle both at the same time. For example, if a person self-medicates to deal with their depression,…

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18th May
alcohol rehab

De-Stigmatizing Alcohol Rehab

Reading Time: 3 minutesOne of the most harmful misconceptions out there about alcoholism is that alcohol rehab is only for certain types of people: people who are ‘write offs’, ‘good for nothing’ or who are ‘hopeless cases’. This misconception is not only grossly inaccurate and based on flawed assumptions about the types of people who are susceptible to addiction, it also has the…

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15th May
relapse prevention

Working Through Common Triggers for Relapse Prevention

Reading Time: 3 minutesDeciding to get help for an addiction is the first step in a life-changing process. All your problems don’t just disappear after you successfully complete an addiction treatment program. Recovery is a life-long process and takes time and hard work. You may feel overwhelmed at times and the possibility of a relapse can happen at any time. It is therefore…

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