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23rd Mar
drug recovery

Drug Recovery: Finding Your Purpose After Addiction

People start experimenting with drugs for several reasons. Common reasons include recreational enjoyment, depression, peer pressure and insecurity. Regardless of the reason for trying out the use of drugs, there is a high chance of addiction and the imminent need for drug recovery. Recovery from drug addiction is a long journey. It is unique to each individual but the loss…

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16th Mar

The Benefits of Florida Drug Rehab

Florida drug rehab has many benefits for you as a guest, however it is important to also protect yourself from the wrong rehabilitation centers. Florida Drug Rehab: Getting Sober In The Sunshine State There’s nothing like some time away and booking into a Florida drug rehab center gives the feeling of a new beginning. Along with this idyllic escape, there…

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13th Mar
alcohol detox

How Does Alcohol Detox Compare To Drug Detox

Most people agree that in order to achieve a life of sobriety from addictions to alcohol and drugs, accepting that you have a problem is the first step. However, there are many more steps. At Connections ATC we strive to help you achieve all these steps and eventually, sobriety. There needs to be an understanding on what it means to…

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9th Mar
Alcohol Dependence

Where Is The Line Between Love Of Drinking And Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol dependence and the love of drinking cannot always be easily separated. Over time, one glass may turn into two, and then into five, which causes the line between the love of drinking and alcohol dependence to become blurrier. Where Is The Line Between Love Of Drinking And Alcohol Dependence The fact that alcohol is a legal substance does not…

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2nd Mar
Addiction treatment

Finding The Best Addiction Treatment For You

Addiction treatment will vary from person to person, as we all deal with our own obstacles in different ways. You may have noticed this in other situations, for example the way your parents or guardians parent you, in comparison to the way other people manage and parent their children – some parenting ways will only work with certain people, and…

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27th Feb
drug rehab

Drug Rehab or Cold Turkey? Whats The Best Way to Quit

If you are an addict and have decided to make the first step towards turning your life around, you will need to decide whether to go cold turkey at home or seek professional help from a drug rehab facility. One of the challenges of addiction is the withdrawal that is experienced when the body is no longer given the substance…

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23rd Feb
grey death drug

Uncovering The Grey Death Drug

In recent times, a new deadly opioid concoction known as the “grey death” drug has hit the streets of the United States of America, owing its name to its distinctive appearance of a grey concrete-like powder. Made from a powerful combination of opioids, it is a highly dangerous synthetic drug that has resulted in many cases of overdose in the…

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16th Feb
cloud 9 drug

Cloud 9 Drug: Making the Zombie Apocalypse a Reality

Synthetic drugs are constantly an increasing issue worldwide, notably in teenagers and young adults. The problem is often when one drug is identified and the public informed, another one pops up and replaces it. Over the past few years the Cloud 9 drug has come onto the market, becoming one of the most dangerous drugs causing havoc and resulting in…

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9th Feb

Fentanyl: The Opioid Rehab’s Scary New Concern

Opioid’s are a large class of drugs that many Americans struggle with when it comes to substance abuse – they are drugs that act on the nervous system to relieve pain and many people become dependent on them. Opioid rehab centers have been established across the country to help people dealing with opioid use disorders and dependency. Many individuals with…

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6th Feb

What is A Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization programs are often misunderstood by are highly beneficial to patients who are seeking help to break their drug or alcohol addiction. A partial hospitalization rehabilitation program is a type of outpatient service which is available for people who are suffering from substance abuse but do not require 24-hour, in-patient management. It is considered a structured day program of…

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