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15th Sep
substance addiction

Overcome Substance Addiction

September is National Recovery Month; we at Connections ATC want to share some tips on how families and communities can help those struggling to overcome substance addiction. Family and community support has proven to help addicts make the transition from addiction to recovery. Here’s how families and communities can help: Healthy Social Interactions Addicts need to be around others who…

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8th Sep
drug rehabilitation

Drug Rehabilitation or Incarceration?

The ongoing conflict between sending drug users to drug rehabilitation versus incarceration has long been an important topic of debate. While few would argue that those trafficking illegal drugs to sell for profit should not serve jail time, many have different stances on whether those arrested on a charge of possession, should serve jail time. There are many arguments on…

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29th Aug
alcohol abuse rehab

Your Guide to Alcohol Abuse Rehab

If you or a loved one has ever suffered from addiction or alcohol dependency, you’ll know just how difficult it is to make a change and stay sober. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, over 15 million people in the USA are currently struggling with alcohol abuse. The NIAAA also states that alcohol is the fourth…

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25th Aug
effective drug rehab

Foundations of an Effective Drug Rehab Center

Approximately 21.5 million US citizens suffered from a substance use disorder in 2014 as per studies and surveys conducted by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). 10.9% of those who required treatment to overcome their substance dependency actually received any therapy. They also found that the national relapse rate is high at about 40-60%. With addiction, treatment…

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22nd Aug
opioid rehab center

Choosing the Right Opioid Rehab Center

According to the studies conducted by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, approximately 23% of first time users can develop addictions to opiates. Not only is it very addictive, it is extremely dangerous – the ASAM estimates that 63% of annual lethal drug overdoses can be linked back to opiate overdose. Here’s everything you need to know about opioid addiction…

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18th Aug

An Addiction Specialist’s Role in Your Recovery

Addiction is a highly complicated condition that involves substance abuse, and often, emotional or mental disorders. It is no wonder that the road to recovery from addiction is a journey that requires support. An addiction specialist provides the necessary assistance in areas of recovery. What is an addiction specialist? Addiction specialists are addiction medicine physicians and addiction psychiatrists that hold…

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16th Aug
faith-based drug rehab

Faith Based Drug Rehabs Helping You Connect with Your Spirituality to Overcome Addiction

Faith-based drug rehabs are one form of therapy amongst other forms of drug rehab centers. Belief in a higher power is an important factor used to tap into the advantage of spirituality in the process of healing. What are faith-based drug rehab centers? In most cases, faith-based, or spiritual, rehab centers use many of the same therapy and tools as…

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15th Aug
help for addiction

Do I Need Help for Addiction?

It takes courage to ask yourself if you have an addiction, and if you are wondering whether or not you may need help for addiction, the truth is that you probably do. Addiction to drugs or alcohol may initially begin as a voluntary act, but as you use the substance your body develops a tolerance to it. Over time your…

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15th Aug
substance absue

Substance Abuse

Handling a loved one that has problems with substance abuse is never an easy task. Trying to talk to them about it can be even more difficult as your loved one may be in denial about their problem or you may fear their reaction because of their problem. In all honesty, the vast majority of people who suffer with a…

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8th Aug
alcohol rehab center

Life after Alcohol Rehab

The truth is that leaving an alcohol rehab center is not the end of recovery. Once the rehabilitation program ends, the recovering addict is often thrown back into the world where their old triggers and habits used to exist, even though the person has changed. Trying to re-enter this stressful environment can lead to a sense of fear and anxiety,…

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