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17th Nov
alcohol addiction treatment

Using MDMA as an Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The scientific community will possibly be expanding the options for alcohol addiction treatment through the use of MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy. The first clinical trial of this new treatment will be done on a small group of people located in Bristol, England. The people participating in the trial have had no success with other treatments to cure their…

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13th Nov
opiate detox

Could Oxygen Therapy Help with Opiate Detox and Withdrawal?

Heroin addiction has been at an all-time high over recent years. This epidemic demands more treatments to help those suffering from addiction. Existing opiate detox treatments tend to be quite addictive. This is counterproductive as the person suffering from addiction is always dependent on one substance or another whether it is drugs or medication. To make matters worse, heroin withdrawal…

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3rd Nov

Choosing the Right Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Acknowledging that you have a drinking problem is the first step on the road to sobriety. The second step is finding a good alcohol rehabilitation center that works for you and can properly accommodate your needs. Just as all addicts are different, every rehab center is different too, which is why it is important to ask some of the following…

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27th Oct
benzo addiction

What You Need to Know About Benzodiazepine Addiction

The difficulty with benzo addiction is that it is not a street drug. There is no societal shame in taking it. People who become addicted to benzo drugs are usually working off a prescription. The fact that there is an existing condition that causes them to need a benzo drug may be a factor influencing their addiction – they need…

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25th Oct
drug addiction recovery

The Process of Drug Addiction Recovery

There are several stages in the drug addiction recovery process, and each stage comes with its own set of challenges. Many addicts may find they are not sure what to expect, therefore we have put together a list of the various stages, what each stage entails, and what to expect on your (or your loved one’s) journey to drug addiction…

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20th Oct
treatment for addiction

Could a Vaccination Become Treatment For Addiction to Heroin?

Treatment for addiction varies drastically across continents, states and from person to person, but would it be possible to vaccinate recovery addicts against potential relapse? We’ve got the lowdown on how vaccinations operate, and if a new vaccine could really become a treatment for heroin addiction. How Do Vaccines Work? When the human body is exposed to a foreign organism…

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18th Oct
alcohol problem

The Alcohol Problem Has Become an American Health Epidemic

In the United States, the general health and wellbeing of the American people has taken a toll due to the current epidemic alcohol problem. According to the NIAAA, surveys have shown that in the past month, approximately 56% of Americans have consumed alcohol. Of this amount, approximately 27% admits that they binge drank in the last month. While most Americans…

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13th Oct
Addiction rehab

Addiction Rehab – The Benefits of Sobriety

One of the things you learn at an addiction rehab is that sobriety has a huge number of positive effects on your body, both mentally and physically. These are just a few of the benefits of getting sober. You Look Healthier Anyone who has suffered a hangover knows that dehydration is a side effect of excessive drinking, but what people…

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6th Oct
12 step recovery program

How Successful is The 12 step Recovery Program?

Since its creation back in the 1930s, the 12 step recovery program has helped countless addicts on their road to sobriety. But just how successful is the program, and what do critics and the scientific community have to say about one of the most commonly used rehabilitation techniques in America? What Do Critics Say? Participants Have to be Christian One…

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29th Sep
opioid addiction

Fentanyl and Opioid Addiction – The Frightening Truth

The number of Americans suffering from an opioid addiction has dramatically increased over the last few years alone, but the popularity of a drug named fentanyl has only recently started to spike. After the iconic musician, Prince, died from fentanyl toxicity in 2016 the world started to become more aware of this deadly drug, but what really is fentanyl, and…

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