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16th Jan
Addiction Resources

Addiction Resources: How You Can Help An Addict

What most drug or alcohol addicts fail to realize while in the depth of their addiction, is that their problem not only affects their own mental and physical wellbeing – their addiction effects everyone around them too. Trying to help an addict is full of challenges, from a fear of pushing them away and driving them down a road with…

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12th Jan
consequences of substance abuse

The Consequences Of Substance Abuse

The consequences of substance abuse are far-reaching and can be extremely severe. Drug abuse is a rampant problem across the United States, with every single state in the country seeing a marked increase in the use of narcotics, drug-related hospitalization, and death from overdoses this past year and Florida is no different. Labelled a drug epidemic, several counties across the…

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5th Jan
alcohol problem

The Alcohol Problem Plaguing America

Many Americans are suffering from an alcohol problem. The horrifying truth is that they don’t realize it. With drinking becoming a more acceptable past time and a means to bond with friends and colleagues after hours or on weekends, alcohol use disorder (AUD) has become an epidemic. If it is not addressed soon it may become a public health crisis….

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29th Dec
Relapse prevention

Relapse Prevention: Tips To Remain Sober After Rehab

To tackle an addiction is one thing, but relapse prevention is a whole new challenge on its own. Once you have successfully completed an addiction rehabilitation program, it is extremely important that you have a relapse prevention plan in place to keep you on the path of a life free of addiction. What Is Addiction Relapse, And How Can You…

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22nd Dec
Addiction during pregnancy

Addiction During Pregnancy

Addiction during pregnancy is not only detrimental to the mother, as the negative effects of substance abuse can pass on to the unborn child. Drinking during pregnancy can cause Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), a developmental disorder characterized by a wide range of cognitive and behavioural problems. Prenatal drug abuse is also known to have severe consequences, such as neonatal…

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15th Dec
depression and addiction

Connection Between Depression and Addiction

Depression and addiction are mentioned together often enough for it to be fair to assume that there is a connection. This is a look at how depression and addiction relate. If they exist together in a patient, then it begs the question of which came first. Does one exist as a result of the other, or is a patient simply…

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8th Dec
intensive outpatient program

What is An Intensive Outpatient Program?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a program that exists for patients not residing in the facilities, either because they have been discharged or because they are being treated without being admitted. It is a way of assisting patients to transition into society while employing all lessons learnt during treatment. Patients can expect to feel supported as they have regular…

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5th Dec
alcoholism treatment

Alcoholism Treatment – Rehab vs Medication

Taking FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved medication in comparison to attending rehabilitation sounds like the easier option, when it comes to alcoholism treatment, but there are important factors to consider when deciding between the two. Medication Taking pills for alcoholism treatment can help reduce alcohol intake, but you will need to know what kind of medication you can have,…

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1st Dec
drug rehab facility

How to Spot a Fraudulent Drug Rehab Facility

With the Affordable Care Act requiring substance abuse rehabs to be covered by insurers, many have realized that they can utilize this and are opening drug rehab facilities that are not up to standards. This has led to many rehab centers popping up in Florida, most of which are less than reputable. If you or a loved one are considering…

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29th Nov
residential drug treatment

Why Choose Residential Drug Treatment

Making the choice to check yourself into a residential drug treatment center is never easy. You may feel as if you’re giving up your freedom in order to be sent to a facility where you are closely monitored 24/7 and you may have a substance abuse problem, but getting better should not feel as if you’re in a jail that…

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